I completed the Starting Point track from HackTheBox. It builds off of the principles that you learn in the Academy which I also finished. You can see my review here -> (article not written yet)

It took my a little over 7 hours of work. I spread these sessions out in 2-3 hour blocks.

If you read over the walkthroughs, have gone through the accompanying academy modules, and have a tiny bit of previous experience you will power straight through this.

Looking at it from a beginners standpoint (who this is made for) it seems like a very polished introduction to the very basics of pentesting. I did it for free without the subscription

“December is a GREAT month to start learning #cybersecurity! Speaker with three sound waves Until Dec 31 ALL 16 Starting Point Machines are FREE-TO-PLAY for everyone Wrapped present Complete all tasks & get rewarded with a 25% OFF on our monthly VIP+ subscription Start #hacking now:”